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Expertise plus experience from "proving the print" to final part.


Precision and fast order turnaround.


Compression molding for the best possible quality.

Custom Resin

When you can't find the ideal materials, we'll work with our resin suppliers and you to create it.

Cost-saving Strategies
Matching the most efficient production techniques with job requirements to maximize cost effectiveness.

Material Selection
Materials specialists to help you choose the material best suited for your job from our broad selection.

Quality control comes first, from powder to part

At Jade, quality control is a foundation of everything we do. Superior quality control enables us to apply all the company's capabilities and technical expertise to fulfilling our customers' requirements.


Resin Examination
We analyze all resin when they're received from our suppliers to assure they meet the correct specifications and purity. We only use high quality resins. Our top suppliers are 3M, Dupont, and AGC.


Digital Inspection
We monitor and document product quality through
all operations—molding, engineering and fabrication—using state of the art test and measurement systems available from Mitutoyo, Zeiss, and Starrett.


Analog Inspection
In addition to digital analysis we employ a library of precision pins, verniers, micrometers, and specialty gauges in conjunction with over 30 years of examination experience from our QC team.


Final Inspection
Once each part is free of burrs and passes final inspection it is awarded the Jade stamp of approval and ready for shipment.


ISO Certified
We're equally dedicated to continual process improvement. We adhere to ISO 9001:2008 certification standards, to conducting all tests in accordance with ASTM specifications, and to NQR quality review and reporting.

Plant Integrity
Quality control is integrated with every step of the Jade process. We begin with meticulous housekeeping throughout our facility to reduce potential contaminants to a minimum.

This all adds up to quality that makes Jade Engineered Plastics a leader in its industry.

Material Selection
Do you have questions about your application, your materials requirements, or material selection?Contact a Jade specialist now to get the authoritative answers you need.