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Jade precision engineered fluoropolymers are incredibly diverse and adaptable to a practically limitless variety of applications.

Each of our materials is tailored to meet certain fundamental properties. The properties of these materials, such as tensile strength, operating temperatures, wear, compressive strength, as well as their performance characteristics can be enhanced with the addition of fillers such as glass, carbon, copper, and other metals, to create materials customized precisely for the requirements of a given part.

Jade's engineered plastics are molded and machined into components from adapters to bearings to washers and wear plates. They're used in gaskets and O-rings, valve seats and stem seals, radar and antenna components, bowls and bushings, vessels and vanes, and many more.

Jade parts have built a reputation for toughness and reliability through years of real-world testing on the job. Valve seats, for example, are among our most widely used products because engineers trust them to keep chemicals flowing where they're intended to go. If there's a valve in a manufacturing or processing operation, there's a good chance that the valve seat was molded and fabricated by Jade.

There's nothing to match parts made of Jade engineered plastics for versatility, durability and performance.

Jade products are available in three basic forms.

Stock shapes
Rods, tubes and sheets for the fastest delivery and ultimate convenience.

Near net shapes
For increased production efficiency, faster turnaround and less scrap.

Custom fabricated
Engineered, molded and fabricated to your specifications.

Contact a Jade Materials Specialist about your application and requirements.

Material Selection
Do you have questions about your application, your materials requirements, or material selection?Contact a Jade specialist now to get the authoritative answers you need.